Determine strategies

OBJECTIVE: Determine strategies to execute the project. Resources:Ch. 13 of Project Planning, Scheduling & Control and Ch. 3 of Project Management Best Practices. Content Ch. 13: Conducting Project Reviews of Project Planning, Scheduling & Control Reviews Displaying Progress Process Reviews Conducting Process or Lesson-Learned Reviews The Process Review Report Design Reviews Ch. 3: Journey To Excellence of Project Management Best Practices Introduction The Light at the End of the Tunnel Managing Assumptions Managing Assumptions in Conversation Projects–WWF International Project Governance Seven Fallacies that Delay Project Management Maturity Motorola Texas Instruments EDS Exel Corporation Hewlett-Packard DTE Energy Comau Visteon Convergent Computing Avalon Power and Light Roadway Defcon Corporation Kombs Engineering Williams Maching Tool Company READ AND MAKE APPROPRIATE SUMMARIZING COMMENTS ON THE ONLINE EBOOK CHAPTERS: A),_Material,_And_Equipment_Utilization.html (ONLY UP TO SECTION 4.8) B) (SKIP SECTIONS: 5.4, 5.6) C) D) E) (only SECTIONS 8.4, 8.6. 8.7, 8.8 & 8.9