Determine appropriate consultation mechanisms

Referencing Styles : Open t. Determine human resources requirements. ,.,, ‘ “‘ Analyse the strategic and operational plans to determine human resources requirements and develop options for the delivery of human resources services. a. Determine appropriate consultation mechanisms. b. How would you engage key stakeholders? c. Develop a HR strategy approach including requirements for: i. recruitment ii. performancemanagement iii. remuneration and benefits iv. education and training. Document in a written report. 2. Develop at least two options for the delivery of HR services and selectwo alternative models for the delivery of HR services. For each option document: a. what the advantages of the model are b. what the risks to the organisation are c. what the costs to the organisation are d. how the models supporthe organisational goals e. how you would ensure the options comply with: i. award and enterprise agreements ii. relevant industrial relations instruments iii. relevant industry codes of practice iv. legislation such as OHS, EEO, industrial relations and anti discrimination. Document as a presentation to management using either a written report, PowerPoint presentation or a combination of methods. 3. Develop strategies for the delivery of HR services for one of the options above. a. Document the hiring strategies. b. Document motivation, maintenance and retention strategies. c. Documentseparation strategies. Document in a written report. 4. Develop an action plan. Select one of the services from the HR strategy and document the action plan for implementation. The action plan should include: a. the strategic goal b. all of the actions required to achieve that goal including: i. identifyingthird party service providers ii. development of service agreements iii. training needs iv. communications v. review processes vi. roles and responsibilities (internal and external). c. how you will communicate and gain agreement. Document as a written report including a completed action plan. .

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