Design and Troubleshooting of Networks

MN602/ME504 Wide Area Network- T1 2016
Assignment 2
Design and Troubleshooting of Networks
Assignment 2: Written and Practical demonstration with Viva voce (Oral Test) group assignment
Tutor/Lecturer will decide the Group size based on number of students in the class and
availability of the devices. Each student in the Group has to clearly specify his/her
contribution to the Assignment in the Report based on which Marks will be given.
Note: Packet tracer to be used only at home or on student’s laptop. NetSim MUST be
used on MIT computers
Group Number: Get your Group number from the Lab tutor during Week 10 Lab. This is
required for Part 1 of the Assignment.
Report submission Due
: Week 11 – 3rd June’16 at Lab time.
Demonstration: Week 11, during lab hours.
Note: Demonstration will also include Viva voce (Oral test.)
Submission: Online (MS Word and specified files) in a designated folder on Moodle
Total Marks = Part 1: 40 Marks + Part 2: 20 Marks = Total 60 marks (15% of total assessment)
Purpose of the assessment:
Part 1- Design, configure, Troubleshoot and build network as per the specified scenario.
Part 2 – Critically examine, Configure, troubleshoots the given network topology.
Assumptions- You can make assumptions in Part 1 and 2 of this Assignment as
long as you explain your assumption and justify it.
PART I – Case Study by Dr. Vinod Mirchandani
1. Background
A NSW Oysters export company BayOyst Inc. has hired you as a Network professional
to setup a fully functional network in Sydney. The company has headquarters (HQ) in
North Sydney with branches in East Sydney and West Sydney.
The two branches of BayOyst and headquarters each have one Cisco 1841 Router.
The Routers at each of the branches are connected to the Head Quarters Routers by
a WAN and necessary protocols. Further, each branch of BayOyst Inc has three LANs
while the HQ of BayOyst has two LANs. Each of the three LANs in each branch of

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BayOyst needs to support 20 PCs. The HQ of BayOyst needs to support 30 PCs. The
router interfaces between the HQ and each of the branch Routers also needs to be
provided with suitable IP addresses. BayOyst has given you the network address
192.168.Your Group number.X/24 for the purpose of creating the addressing and to
subnet in the above described network of BayOyst Inc.
You need to carry out the following tasks and
Justify your approach:
Specify the number of subnets in the network topology and number of IP
addresses per subnet.
Choose a WAN technology and protocols between the HQ and each of the
branch offices in the above case study with proper justification.
Create and draw the topology as per the description given in the above case
Specify the subnet masks for the subnetworks and usable host IP addresses in
each subnet. Show the subnets addresses in the topology that you have drawn
Each of Router interfaces should be assigned the first valid host address of
the respective subnet.
Each of the 20 PCs in each part of the network (as given in the above
description) should be assigned
the last 20 valid host IP address of the
respective subnet.
After completing the above tasks confirm that the network is fully functional that
is all devices in it can ping each other.
Troubleshoot the network for any flaws in the design on Packet tracer.
Based on the class size and time availability you may be asked to demonstrate
the entire network or a part of it on Physical Routers during Lab 11
demonstration along with Viva voce (Oral test.)
Practical Demonstration of Part 1 on Physical devices (10 marks)
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This mark will be allocated individually. Depending on the number of students and
available devices the Tutor/Lecturer will decide if you have to demonstrate full network
or a part of it
Submission Guideline:
Your assignment should be completed according to the General Guidelines for
Presentation of Academic Work.
1. Write a report of minimum
1000 words which includes [30 Marks]
a. a front page – indicating your name, a statement of what has been
completed has been done by your group only.
b. Table of content and page numbers
c. Executive summary
d. Introduction
e. Topology diagram
f. Network design – WAN and protocols used, Routing, Addressing and
Subnetting etc.
g. Configuration of Network
h. Testing and Troubleshooting the network on Packet tracer. Include
packet tracer file in the submission.
i. Conclusion
j. List of references used (IEEE style)
2. The assignment must be submitted as a MS Word doc along with the
NetSim/packet tracer file in the Assignment 2 submission Folder on
Marking criteria:
Marks are allocated as follows:
Report and Demonstration:

Section to be
included in the report
Description of the section Marks
Report Writing
Structure and
Describe the requirements and justify your

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Network design and
Describe the detailed designing steps and clearly
show network diagram
Testing and
Test and troubleshoot your network on
NetSim/packet tracer
Referencing style Appropriate references 3
(this is individual
mark allocation)
Practical demonstration on Physical devices 10
Writing Style Grammar, Spelling, In-text referencing, Formatting,
Length, originality
Plagiarism Type of plagiarism
Copy from other student
Copy from internet source/textbook
Copy from other sources
Cheating during demonstration
Total 40

Extensions: Requests for an extension, accompanied by supporting documentation,
must be received by the student in writing before 3 working days from the due date
else penalties may apply for late submission without an approved extension.
Penalties: Academic misconduct such as cheating and plagiarism will incur Zero
Marking guidelines for Assignment 2 Part 1 Total Marks= 40
Written report= 30
Individual Demonstration includes Viva voce (Oral Test) = 10

Student Name:
Student Id:
Submission Due: Week 11
Marker’s Name: Mark Achieved:
Report = 30
Demonstration = 10
Excellent Good Unsatisfactory
All topics are
covered in depth.
Critically analysed
the organization
Generally relevant and
This is not relevant to
the assignment topic.
design and
Provide in detailed
designing steps and
excellent network
Provide in general
designing steps and
network diagram
Network design is not
Testing and
Provide appropriate
commands and
pinging from end to
end devices
Provide commands
and pinging from few
Provide in-appropriate
commands and not
pinging from end to end

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demonstration and
answer correctly all
Oral questions
Reasonable good
demonstration and
answer of questions
Poor demonstration and
and answer of questions
Clear styles with
excellent source of
Generally good
referencing style
Lacks consistency with
many errors
Poor writing Inadequate structure, careless presentation, or the report
exceeds the word limit by more or less than 10%
Plagiarism Type of plagiarism
Copy from other student
Copy from internet source/textbook
Copy from other sources
Cheating during Demonstration

PART 2 – Analysis of VLAN Network in Figure 1 from Configuration and
troubleshooting point of view.
Depending on the number of students and
equipment numbers your Lecturer/tutor will decide if the demonstration will be
done by each student in the group or group based.
Case Study by Dr Vinod Mirchandani
A Computer company has hired you to create the Network topology shown in Figure
1 and ensure that it is fully functional i.e. each device in the network can be pinged.
The company also wants you to prepare a document for Troubleshooting of this VLAN
based network.
Your tasks are:
Assign proper IP addresses to the different devices.
Use proper cabling and protocols.
Identify the different reasons due to which the network may not be fully
functional i.e. some of the devices or VLANs may not be accessible i.e. not ping
each other. Once you have identified these reasons create a flow chart to
explain the methods by which you can overcome these reasons. Justify your
Familiarise yourself with the VLAN network of Figure 1 as you will be asked to
create it or a part of it with Physical devices. Your tutor will then ask your group
to move far away from your physical network in the lab and he/she will create
deliberate fault(s) in the physical network. You then need to refer to your
flowchart for Troubleshooting and identify the faults included by the

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Figure 1 – VLAN Network Topology of the Computer company

Section to be
included in the report
Description of the section Marks
Flow chart Identify the reasons due to which faults can occur
in the network of Fig. 1 and create a flowchart
Demonstration Troubleshoot two faults created by your
Tutor/Lecture in the network of Figure 1 during the
Plagiarism Type of plagiarism
Copy from other student
Copy from internet source/textbook
Copy from other sources
Cheating during demonstration
Total 20

Submission – You need to submit only the Flow chart doc for Part 2 along with the
required docs and NetSim/packet tracer file for Part 1 in a zipped folder in the specified
folder on Moodle.