Design a marketing research problem (MRP) statement/question

Referencing Styles : Harvard This assessment requires your analysis of the QANTAS case, which has been posted to Blackboard. The focus is on identification of the central problem that requires marketing research, and then consideration of appropriate exploratory research. Please do not contact the organisation concerned. You have the choice of completing this assessment either individually or in a group of two to three students. Structure your report as follows: 1.In your own words, clearly describe the management decision problem (MDP). Provide a brief rationale for this MDP. 2.Design a marketing research problem (MRP) statement/question, which addresses the MDP. Provide a brief rationale for this MRP. 3.List three research objectives to address the MRP. 4.Discuss the appropriateness of the Repertory Test (also known as Repertory Grid Analysis, Kelly’s Triads, Triad Sorts) for addressing any one of your objectives. Briefly outline how the technique could be implemented to address the objective. 5.For a different one of your research objectives, describe in your own words how the application of another qualitative research technique (other than Repertory Test) could be useful in the project’s research design. Briefly describe how you would collect this exploratory data. .

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