Describing a Negotiation

OPS 938: Negotiation Theory and Practice for Project Management

Describing a Negotiation


“A negotiation is a process where two parties with differences that they need to resolve, try to reach agreement through exploring options and exchanging offers” (Fells & Sheer 2019, 8-9)


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Negotiations are processes

and by processes we mean one or more communicative exchanges.





involving parties

Who are the parties involved in the negotiation?





with differences

What are the underlying differences between the parties?

What were each party’s underlying interests and positions?









that they need to resolve …

What was the power balance between the parties?

Who needs what (or who) the most?






by trying to reach an agreement …

What attempts were made to reach agreement?

What needs to be done to manage this?





through exploring options and exchanging offers.

Exploring options: How do I determine the issues?

Exchanging offers: How do I get the other party to agree?
How do we/I find a better outcome?