Describe the profile of each target market segment.

Referencing Styles : Open 1. Review the simulated workplace information provided on BBQ fun, including: ● the scenario (Appendix 1) ● marketing plan (Appendix 2) ● Policies and procedures (Appendix 3). 2. Consider the following questions and prepare your answers. You will need to answer the questions in an interview with your assessor, or you can submit written answers. Keep notes or records of any research you conduct. a. According to the organisation’s marketing plan, what are the organisation’s three target markets? – Describe the profile of each target market segment. – Describe the positioning and marketing mix for each market segment. – Undertake research into the marketing segments in the marketing plan. Take notes and be prepared to explain what research you undertook. Describe any new market information you found. Describe each segment’s needs and how the organisation should satisfy those needs through marketing activities. b. According to the scenario, what previous marketing activities have been undertaken? Why do you think they were only partially successful? c. What marketing activities are needed? Refer to the organisation’s marketing plan. d. What marketing activity would you suggest? Explain why. Refer to the marketing plan and any additional information you uncovered through research. e. According to the organisation’s policies and procedures, what legislation is relevant to marketing activities? What legislation will apply to the marketing activities you suggest? Explain why. f. According to the marketing plan, what outcomes are expected from marketing activities? 3. Arrange time with your assessor to answer the questions and discuss research notes. Submit all documents. Ensure you keep a copy of all work submitted for your records. .

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