demonstrating your ability to apply

Here is a direct link to a site which hosts all three parts of the documentary series:



For your CASA Paper 2, you will be demonstrating your ability to apply, synthesize, and analyze the concepts we have learned about so far. You will do this by watching the documentary series Race: The Power of an Illusion and answering all three prompts listed below.

I have provided a list of suggested concepts below to apply in the body of your paper. You must apply three (3) concepts from our course materials. You may select any three as long as they are applicable to the content. Be sure to thoroughly define and to describe the concept when you apply it. As always, you must cite your source when referencing any existing knowledge such as that is found in our textbook. Please do not use or cite any materials not assigned in our course. There is ample content to pull from, and there is no need to go outside of our course. Write the paper in essay format – do not number as the prompts are laid out.

You are expected to write 2 pages minimum, double-spaced, 12-pt standard font, and fully answer the prompts. Remember to follow PASS GO standards as listed in the syllabus. Submit your paper in PDF or Word document format.

Suggested Concepts: Stratification, Power, Status, Race, Racism, Xenophobia, Institutional Racism, Stereotype, Prejudice, Discrimination

Essay Prompts:

  1. Initially, Jefferson stated that Native Americans were white people with tans. What led Jefferson to change his labeling of Native Americans to non-white? (Hint: it was economically motivated.)
  2. Both Ozawa and Thind challenged American ideas of race in their court cases seeking U.S. citizenship. How did the courts contradict themselves in order to reinforce existing racial ideology and rule against both Ozawa and Thind?
  3. In what way did Jesse Owens winning gold in the 1936 Olympics challenge existing ideas about race?