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describing, Identifies and interpreting and Demonstrates limited ability in describing, interpreting and explains key analysing the analysing the identified managernent issues with appropriate management identified cultural dimensions from the required models. The discussion issues. Interprets management was very vague and has primarily focused on the cultural the issues (using issues with differences. The task of the assessrnent is to provide an appropriate . _ us appropriate analysis of the destination country’s cultural dimensions, in cultural cultural order to help Safe Haven Inc to develop rnanagement dimensions) from dirnensions frorn strategies to overcome potential managerial issues and both/all cultural the required cultural barriers. This was not properly addressed. The case perspectives. models. Analysis analysis was minimurn and therefore did not quite satisfy the Cultural lacks logical requirement of the assessment instruction. dimensions are coherence. There explained to are major business reader. problems with Draws logical referencing. conclusions from the conducted cultural analysis. Relates analysis to theory and business evidence (appropriately referenced). Case and cultural dimensions are referenced. Discussion is clear and logical. JUSTIFICATION OF SOLUTIONS: Demonstrates WORKABLE limited or no BUSINESS ability to evaluate SOLUTIONS alternative JUSTIFIED BY solutions nor CULTURAL integrate DIMENSIONS conclusions from Alternative the cultural solutions are analysis into an The solutions need to be better justified and made more about discussed and effective solutions Safe Haven Inc. In addition, the assessment requirement evaluated. and specified that students need to provide alternative solutions. Recommendations recommendations, The report does not indicate that there are alternative are developed justified with solutions for the identified issues. Moreover, when talking logically from the appropriate about the implementations, conducted cultural itee00000004100000000000000000s cultural analysis of dimensions. Does important to mention some of the potential concerns that Safe identified not demonstrate Haven Inc needs to be aware of when implementing the management how the solutions solutions. issues and and justified with recommendations cultural will meet the dimensions. prescribed goal. Feasibility of Implementation implementation and implications and its are either missing implications are or lack substance. discussed. ORGANISATION OF INFORMATION: