Demonstrate the need for flexibility in strategic management

Critically examine the relationship and the need for compatibility between corporate strategic and functional management policies. 2. Analyse the internal and external influences on corporate objectives and strategy. 3. Demonstrate the need for flexibility in strategic management and the practical limits of quantifying corporate strategy. Assignment Brief This assignment requires students to conduct a strategic analysis of both the internal and external environment relating one of the retails companies listed below. Students are required to examine the strategic choices facing this organisation and the links between corporate strategy and organisational configurations. Students should also provide a critique of contemporary strategic management research and practice within the report.Tesco Morrison’s M&S Boots John Lewis ASDA SainsburyStrategic Report to Board of Directors Please Note Each of the following eight sections must be addressed. 1. Executive Summary Provide a concise summary of the key issues identified within the report. 2. Corporate Objectives Put forward the current corporate strategy statements. Include the fundamental goals that the company seeks and the scope of the company’s activities. 3. External Analysis Conduct both of the following tasks 3.1. Macroeconomic Analysis: Conduct a PESTLE analysis for the company. 3.2. Competitive Analysis: Utilize Porter’s Competitive Forces for your analysis. 4. Strategic Capabilities Identify what comprises strategic capabilities in terms of organisational resources and competences and how these relate to the strategies of the company. 5. Strategic Choice Analysis of business strategy: Assess business strategy in terms of the generic strategies of cost leadership, differentiation and focus through Porter’s Generic Strategy Framework. 6. Organisational Design 6.1. Categorise organisational design elements through The McKinsey 7-S Framework. 6.2. Critically evaluate how hard and soft elements interlink together in order to support the strategic choice of the company. 6.3. Analyse how organisational configurations differentiate between different markets with different macro-environmental characteristics in order to pursue the strategic choice. Page 4 of 4 7. Conclusion and Recommendations Please briefly conclude the report by conducting an overall summary of the strategic issues facing the selected company. Please respond the given statements below: 7.1. Do you think the company has been capitalizing its strengths effectively and efficiently through its strategic choices and organisational configurations? 7.2. What is the main weakness of the company comparing with its competitors? 7.3. Do you think the company is managing the threats successfully? 7.4. Do you think there is a contradiction between the company’s vision and its strategic choices? Important Notes All the analysis required should be conducted based on facts & figures. Academic opinion and commentary from industry experts may all be utilised to aid evaluation and justify selection. Please consult class notes and key texts such as Johnson, Scholes et al. (2014) regarding these strategic concepts of the company. Total Marks for Report 100

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