demonstrate an adequate understanding

Supplementary Task

Part 1

Watch the recorded lectures for SWM106 Weeks 1 and week 2(note: Week 4 lecture recording is not available, so you are not required to do this). Provide a 500-word summary for each lecture.

In total, this will be 1000 words (500 words per week x 2weeks of classes).

You do not need to make reference to any literature for this task. The goal of this task is to demonstrate an adequate understanding of the key concepts of each lecture, so that you can demonstrate your knowledge as an emerging social worker. You may wish to look at the key points of each lesson in the Course Unit Outline to help you complete this task.

Make sure you make summary for five weeks lectures each week lecture you make 500 words summary so total you make 2 summaries in total for 2weeks lectures in 1000 words total.

Make summary of each week lecture,  and explain important topics

No Refrencing required

High level vocabulary to be used

Examples provided where necessary  very important

No Grammar mistakes.