Decision Making


Task 1

Decision Making. Complete the decision-making table below where the two-option problem is: Should I go on to take a Master’s degree (MBA) after graduating?

Give a score out of 10 for the priority of the factors (10 being the most important reason)

(Note: Try to find at least four pros and four cons)

Should I go on to take a Master’s degree (MBA) after graduating?


Score /10




Total pros

Total cons

Average pros

Average cons


Task 2: Reflective Commentary (200 words)

Answer the following questions on this week’s sessions. You may choose to answer the questions one at a time or write in paragraphs.

Which aspect of today’s session did I find most interesting? Why?

One thing I learnt

I’m not sure about…

I might have learnt more if ….

Things I want to do now…










3. Personal Development Plan

Task 3: Your Personal Development Plan (PDP)

1: Identify Your Development Needs

Why do you need to develop your skills?

Which area do you want to develop?

What is your specific goal?

2: Identify Your Development Options

What steps could you take to develop the new knowledge, skills and behaviours?

E.g., read more about the topic? Watch videos about the topic? Practise the

Skill every day for 30 minutes? Reorganise the way you learn?

Think about your own learning preferences and adapt the task to suit.

What might hinder your progress?

Are there any other factors to consider?

E.g., Speed: How quickly do you need to develop the knowledge, skills or

behaviours identified?

3: Plan your development activities

Write down the steps you will take to accomplish your task.

What could go wrong with your plan?

Create a Plan B to achieve your goal if your original plan does not work well.

5: Apply new knowledge/ skills/ behaviours in the workplace

How will you use this new knowledge/ skill / behaviour in the workplace?

6: Review and Repeat

Reflect on how this new knowledge/ skill / behaviour helped in your professional development