Decision Analytics in Practice

MIS779 – Decision Analytics in Practice
T2 2018
Assignment 3 –Individual
Contribution to the overall mark of the unit: 20%
Report word limit: 2,000
Due date/time: 7 October 2018, 11.59pm AEST
Report contents
This is a self-reflection report. Each student will need to reflect on their experience in the course of this unit in
terms of their thinking, advanced analytics teamwork and learning, making connections to past learning and
knowledge, as well as their understanding and learning of ethical issues involved in real-world data analytics
Assignment submission
The assessment rubric file will need to be consulted for the final submission of your report. It is essential that
your final report fits into the strict word limits.
Your final deliverables for this assessment will only be the self-reflection report. All submissions will need to be
lodged via the CloudDeakin dropbox before the deadline. An automatic late penalty of 5% of the available
marks per day (1 minute after midnight) will be applied to all late assignment submissions (up to 5 days only).
Extensions and special considerations
There is a fixed deadline for the final submission. In case of a documented illness or hardship, an extension
may be granted which must be organized well ahead of the submission deadline. No extensions will be granted
without partial work submission and the evidence of partially completed work. Special consideration
applications will need to be directed to the APC for approval.