APA PsycArticles These two databases have many full 84r Behavioral Sciences Collection Instruction Sheet access the 2 databases and set up thetpealn A. To Get to APA PsycArticles ,iteters for your search. les from professional journals. Follow this step by step g earch 4. Click on Database Finder (Top p 3• Scroll down and click on Find tSoeu’reaeg:)in the Dwight Marvin Library guide to 1. Go to the Hudson Valle 2. Click on Library (at the toCp°4 Y rnmhunity College Web Page ‹> 5. Click on Access individual reseLci i’yactegita:ibicaiscess from the Datab 6. Scroll Down and Click on APA Ps se Finder. B. Adding another Database and Setting Search Parameters I Add Another Database – click on choose databases (top left of page) – scroll down and click on psychology and behavioral science collection – click OK (you now have 2 databases to search at the same time) 2. Set Search Parameters – click on the arrow next to the right of ” – click on TI Title select a field optional” box. – then find the Full Text box (halfway dovv – then check the scholarly (peer reviewed n on left) and make sure the Full Text Box is checked. 3. Search Specific Topics ) journals box – Use the box in the upper left hand corner (to the left of the Title box) to search. – You can use multiple terms to narrow your search. articles. For ex ple, you are interested in alcoholism. If you type in alcoholism you’ll get over 1000
If you are interested in alcoholism treatment type in alcoholism and in the box underneath type in treatment. You’ll then get articles relating to treatment of alcoholism. (You will also change the second box to T1 Title).
Now you’re down to under 300 articles. You can narrow further.
alcoholism and treatment and depression (you would type depression in the box under treatment). Again, change the third box to TI Title. Now you’re down to a handful of articles. But it’s fine to have a hundred or so articles to start scrolling through. That’s up to you. Ideally, you’ll find an article that is a study on a topic of interest. Remember, it’s just one study!
Other Tips 1. Experiment with the different key words to see what you come up with. If you are not sure of spelling or if you want to expand your search, you can use an “*”. For *. This will retrieve articles example, when looking for articles on, type in alcohol containing alcohol, alcoholic, and alcoholism in the title.