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Page 1 Kaplan Business School Assessment Outline
Assessment 4 Information

Subject Code: DATA4100
Subject Name: Data Visualisation Software
Assessment Title: Individual report and visualisations for a business problem
Assessment Type: Written report with charts
Word Count: 1200 Words (+/-10%)
Weighting: 30 %
Total Marks: 30
Submission: Turnitin
Due Date: Tuesday 23:55 pm AEST Week 13

Your Task
This written report with a dashboard is to be created individually.
Given a business problem and data, finalise visualisations and prepare a report for the
Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
On Tuesday of week 13 at or before 23:55 AEST submit your written report as a Microsoft Word
file with a snapshot of your dashboard via Turnitin.
This assessment covers Learning outcomes: LO2, LO3
Page 2 Kaplan Business School Assessment Outline
Assessment Description
Should Australia enter a free trade agreement with Germany?
This Photo by Unknown Author
Business Background:
Germany, Japan, South Korea, United States, France and China are amongst the main exporters of
Suppose that the Australian government is particularly interested in the products exported from
Germany, as well as Australian products exported to Germany, in considering the possibility of a free
trade agreement.
Suppose that you have been asked, as an analyst for the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and
Trade, to report on exports from Germany, and in particular, the types of products Germany exports to
Australia. Likewise, analyse the products that Australia exports to Germany currently, based on your
own research into available data sets.
Your written report (to be prepared in this assessment – in Assessment 4) will ultimately end up in the
hands of the minister for trade and investment, so any final decisions made should be supported by
In Assessment 4, you are to finish designing your visualisations, then prepare a report by interpreting
the visualisations and integrating with theory from this subject.
Data set
Use the data given to you in week 11
Assessment Instructions
As an individual, finish the visualisations for your report.
Write a structured report with appropriate sections, as follows:
Introduce the business problem and content of your report. (150 words)
Interpret your charts, summaries, clustering and any other analyses you have done in the
process of creating your visualisations, and link it back to the business problem of
whether Australia should enter a free trade agreement with Germany? (800 words)
Justify the design of your visualisations in terms of what you have learnt about cognitive
load and pre-attentive attributes and Tufte’s principles. (250 words)
On Tuesday of week 13 at or before 23:55 AEST submit your report as a Microsoft Word
file, containing your visualisations, via Turnitin

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Important Study Information
Academic Integrity Policy
KBS values academic integrity. All students must understand the meaning and consequences
of cheating, plagiarism and other academic offences under the Academic Integrity and Conduct
What is academic integrity and misconduct?
What are the penalties for academic misconduct?
What are the late penalties?
How can I appeal my grade?
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Word Limits for Written Assessments
Submissions that exceed the word limit by more than 10% will cease to be marked from the point
at which that limit is exceeded.
Study Assistance
Students may seek study assistance from their local Academic Learning Advisor or refer to the
resources on the MyKBS Academic Success Centre page. Click
here for this information.
Late assignment submission penalties
Penalties will be imposed on late assignment submissions in accordance with Kaplan
Business School’s Assessment Policy.

Number of
1* – 9 days 5% per day for each calendar day late deducted from the student’s total
10 – 14 days 50% deducted from the student’s total marks.
After 14 days Assignments that are submitted more than 14 calendar days after the
due date will not be accepted and the student will receive a mark of zero
for the assignment(s).
Note Notwithstanding the above penalty rules, assignments will also be given
a mark of zero if they are submitted after assignments have been
returned to students.

*Assignments submitted at any stage within the first 24 hours after deadline will be
considered to be one day late and therefore subject to the associated penalty.
If you are unable to complete this assessment by the due date/time, please refer to the
Special Consideration Application Form, which is available at the end of the KBS
Assessment Policy:
Page 4 Kaplan Business School Assessment Outline
Assessment Marking Guide

Data Visualisation Dashboard
Marks Available
Introduction (150 words) Students will introduce the
business problem and report
4 marks
Analyses and charts and
interpretation (800 words)
Students will perform some basic
analyses, such as clustering and
finish the final dashboard
The visuals in the dashboard
must be interpreted in context.
15 marks
Theory on visualisations (250
Students justify their dashboard
in terms of cognitive load, pre
attentive attributes and Tufte’s
6 marks
Structure of the report The student will receive marks
for the structure of the written
report and original
representation of the business
5 marks