data integrity

1. A well-maintained relational DBMS has a high level of data integrity. What                  features of a relational DBMS contribute towards this level of integrity?

2. (a) Explain the various functions of RDBMS? Name the different categories of RDBMS users and how they are different from each other. 

   (b) RDBMS has become most popular Database System world wide? Justify your answer with suitable example.

3. Explain different integrity constrains supported by RDBMS and ORDBMS with suitable examples.

4. Process of normalization is the integral part of designing a database. Justify this statement with suitable database design.


      5. Differentiate among on any three of the following giving suitable examples:-

a)     Primary Key

b)    Candidate Key

c)     Alternate Key

d)    Unique Key                      

e)     Super Key