customers’ perception of relationship

Assessment Dataset 2
Our business client is a travel agency which offers flight and hotel booking
services for business clients. It has four market/customer segments: –
– Small and Medium Enterprises (SEMs),
– large local,
– European
– Global business firms.
The business client wants your assistance to understand their customers’
perception of relationship quality with their contact person at his company and
how this can help in increasing the share of business with these customers.
Normally, a (business) customer may use multiple travel agents (your business
client and their competitors) to book hotels and flights. Your business client
wants to increase their share of business with every existing client. For instance, a
given customer may process only 30% of their booking through our business
client and 70% through others. Our business client hopes to improve the
relationship quality with existing customers, and he believes that this will
increase his share of business with these clients.
Further, our business client is offering his business customers an option to sign up
for a contract/membership by paying annual subscription (flat rate) that give them
access to reduced booking rates. The dataset also differentiates between contract
and no-contract customers.
The dataset includes responses of 476 business customers about their perceptions
of their client manager at our business client’s travel agency. The measurement
items disclosed in supplementary file(s) of this assessment.
Measurements – Relationship Survey
Response Format 1 = Strongly Disagree to 7 = Strongly Agree

COMMIT1 Even if it were to our advantage, we do not feel it would be
right to leave our client manager now
COMMIT2 This client manager deserves our loyalty
COMMIT3 We would feel guilty if we left our client manager now*
COMMIT4 We would not leave this client manager right now because we
have a sense of obligation to him
COMMIT5* We do not feel ‘emotionally attached’ to our client manager
COMMIT6* We do not feel like ‘part of the family’ with our client manager
COMMIT7* We do not feel a strong sense of ‘belonging’ to our client
COMMIT8 It would be very hard to end this relationship right now, even if
we wanted to
COMMIT9 Too much of our business would be disrupted if we decided we


wanted to end this relationship
COMMIT10 We feel that we have too few options to consider this
SAT1 We are satisfied with the performance of our client manager
SAT2 We are pleased with the performance of our client manager
SAT3 We have a favourable opinion on our client manager’s
SAT4 We believe our client managers are doing a great job
Mutual goals
MG1 We share a joint vision with our client manager of what is
necessary for mutual success
MG2 We know with certainty what our client manager expects of us
MG3 We work proactively with our client manager to establish goals
MG4 We can state with certainty that our client manager has the
same basic beliefs about running a business than we do
MG5 Overall, our goals are compatible with the goals of our client
COM1 Our client manager genuinely enjoys helping us
COM2 Our client manager is easy to communicate with*
COM3 Our client manager likes to help clients
COM4 Our client manager is a cooperative person
COM5 Our client manager tries to establish a personal relationship
COM6 Our client manager seems interested in us not only as a clients,
but also as persons
COM7 Our client manager is friendly
Domain expertise
DE1 Our client manager recommends suitable solutions for us
DE2 Our client manager tries to find best services for us
DE3 Our client manager answers our questions correctly
DE4 Our client manager tries to match the hotel’s solutions with our
DE5 Our client manager is willing to disagree with us in order to
help us make a better decision
DE6 Our client manager tries to give us an accurate expectation of
what the product will do for us
DE7 Our client manager tries to figure out our needs
ClientSh Out of the entertainment services your company uses, what
percentage is represented by this company? ______%

* item recoded (You do not need to recode them because I did this for you)