Customer relationship marketing

Customer relationship marketing

Assessment 3 is answering questions from a case study (20%)

Your task in Assessment 3 is to read the case study titled “Feature: The perfect touch” from the prescribed text on pages 276-279. In no more than 1000 words, not
including references, answer both questions at the end of the case study.

To develop your case study answers, you will need to include the following:

  1. Define ‘customer journey mapping’ and discuss its role;
  2. Explain what is meant by ‘fresh eyes’ as key to customer journey mapping success;
  3. Choose one service or product provider you are familiar with and analyse the customer ‘touch points’; and
  4. In your opinion, discuss the most crucial touch points to customer satisfaction for your chosen service or product provider.


  • This is an individual assessment (no groups).
  • Case studies help students recognise, diagnose and define problems.
  • This is a challenging assignment and it will provide you with the opportunity to undertake a significant piece of work to show what you have learnt in this course.
  • Case studies are common methods of problem-based learning.
  • Case studies make learning relevant to real-world situations.


  • Present your case study answers in a formal Word document format.
  • Please use size 12 font with 1.5 line spacing in a Word document (no PDF).
  • Your case study answers need to cover in total at least five (5) scholarly journal articles or academic text books, excluding the course text and references pointing to a Website, on the topic.
  • Selection of literary support from Google; Wikipedia;;, and similar will be treated very negatively. THESE ARE NOT APPROPRIATE SOURCES FOR YOUR ACADEMIC ASSIGNMENTS AND USE OF THEM IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Assessment Criteria

  • Question 1 answer. Out of 7 marks.
  • Question 2 answer. Out of 8 marks.
  • Structure, grammar and presentation. Out of 2 marks.
  • Citations and Reference list. Out of 3 marks.

Total: Out of 20 marks