There are two parts(A and B)of this assignment content. I just need to do Part A which is the essay. The length is about 1200 words. The topic must be covered in what I learned in GBL323; therefore, I want to do a topic of defective products. I got a link from The Economist about Recall of Toyota brake and Volkswagen.; overflow: hidden; word-break: break-word; color: rgb(61, 61, 61); height: 2000px;”>Michigan State University Material – GBL323BY HARILAOS I. SOROVIGAS, MBA, JDCURRENT EVENTS AND ETHICS REFLECTION PAPERPaper OverviewThis is an assignment that requires Learning Team (Group) effort for its completion. As part of the MSUBusiness College’s integrative experience for business students (or students enroll in a course offered by thecollege of business) and its general emphasis on ethical conduct, students in the Introduction to BusinessLaw course will be reading and commenting upon THE BUFFALO CREEK DISASTER BOOK, by Gerald M. Stern.Further, each Learning Team is required to research in a periodic literature (magazines, newspapers,journals, etc.) and find and read at least two news articles on a topic (or topics) related to law and ethics andto complete the CURRENT EVENTS AND ETHICS REFLECTION PAPER. Upon reading THE BUFFALO CREEKDISASTER BOOK and the selected articles the Learning Team would complete the CURRENT EVENTS ANDETHICS REFLECTION PAPER. The CURRENT EVENTS AND ETHICS REFLECTION PAPER is an assignment thatdefines specific terms and discusses certain concepts by answering a set of questions and describes a legaland ethical topic, explains its relevance to our course study, and evaluates its appropriateness in today’sbusiness legal environment by drafting article reviews through the development of a 2,200 to 2,800-wordpaper (approx. 7 to 9 pp in length typewritten).Successful papers will include a complete analysis of the topic(s) in the news articles and answers to thechosen questions and will demonstrate (1) familiarity with the relevant legal and ethics topic(s), (2) personalreflection about the arguments and analysis provided by the author(s) of the articles, (3) familiarity with theentirety of Mr. Stern’s arguments and analysis in THE BUFFALO CREEK DISASTER BOOK and personal reflectionabout his arguments and analysis, and (4) college-level writing ability. The paper will include a minimumof four (4) sources (i.e. refer to, cite, and use at least four sources) and is due by the date indicated inthe course syllabus during week twelve.If an article is not from an approved source or you have doubts as to the article’s applicability, you mustreview the article with the instructor for his approval prior to preparing your review report. All article reviewsmust be submitted by the due date or later subject to penalties. Finally, a copy of the original articles must beattached to your paper to receive any credit on the assignment.ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTSAudience and StyleA. Assume that you are writing to a reasonably intelligent college student who is in your GBL class or isready to study business law.B. Use plain language. Do not try to impress your reader with long sentences and big words that you do notunderstand.Assignment ContentA. Select two or more news articles written within the last two years on a topic (or topics) related to law andethics in our course study. Refer to your course syllabus and the table of contents/chapters in yourtextbook/e-book for ideas.1. The articles must be relevant to our course study applying to law and ethics.•That means each article must have something to do with business law and ethics.•You may choose a topic from administrative law (so long as it is part of business law) even if wedo not plan to cover in the class. For example, you could choose a topic relevant to labor law,securities regulation, or federal trade regulation.Page 1 of 5GBL323r12. What is an article critique? A critique is not (only) a criticism. A critique is a specific style of essay inwhich you identify, evaluate, and respond to an author’s ideas/writing, both positively and negatively.Therefore, as part of your assignment as it relates to the article(s) review (critique) you shouldaddress the following:•Identify:•••What is the article’s background and purpose?What is the main idea (the main argument) that the article is communicating?Evaluate:••What does the argument assume?••How convincing is the argument?How useful or applicable is the article?Respond:•What is your assessment of the article?•What issues does it raise?• What issues does it avoid?3. Describe the legal topic covered in the article(s), explain its relevance to our course study, andevaluate its appropriateness in today’s business legal environment.4. Provide a brief history of the legal topic’s development and its effects on business.5. Define critical terms presented clearly, precisely, and accurately.6. Explain, with as much detail and insight as you can muster, the specific ethical issues, principles,and concepts that inform your understanding of your chosen topic.B. Please read THE BUFFALO CREEK DISASTER BOOK and respond to the following questions and discuss thechosen concepts in these questions. Use THE BUFFALO CREEK DISASTER BOOK to give a specific examplewhen responding to each of these three questions: second part of question three, and questions four andfive.1. Define and discuss law and ethics.2. Compare law and ethics. How are they different? How are they related to each other?3. What is deindividuation (also known as “groupthink”)? How does this concept relate to the pursuit ofethical behavior in the workplace?4. How can group dynamics (and resulting “deindividuation”) lead an individual to do that which he orshe would not do outside the environment in which the specific decision is made?5. What can an individual do to avoid engagement in unethical thinking and actions in the workplace?Include a specific example from the book and discuss what you plan to do during your career.SourcesA. DO NOT use STATE NEWS or the LANSING STATE JOURNAL.B. DO use TIME, NEWSWEEK, FORTUNE, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, THE NEW YORK TIMES, THE WASHINGTONPOST, US TODAY, THE ECONOMIST, THE NEW YORKER, BBC (ON-LINE), or the FINANCIAL TIMES.C. Each article must be from a different source. In other words, you may not use two articles from onepublication such as THE NEW YORK TIMES.D. If you obtain your article “on-line,” you must also cite the hard copy source. If you did not look at the hardcopy source, list the on-line citation.E. If you want to use a source other than one of those listed above, you MUST bring the article to yourinstructor for his approval on or before seven calendar dates before the due date of this assignment.Your instructor will initial each article if it is approved.F. Read the materials in your textbook and course supplement that cover the topic you have chosen even ifthey have not been assigned for this class. Use the index and table of contents to locate such materials.Page 2 of 5GBL323r1G. At least one of your articles MUST be dated within ninety days before the due date of this paper. Theother(s) may be older so long as they are still relevant.H. If you choose an article about a court case that is pending according to an article you find, check to see ifit has been decided. Visit the Gast Library at Detroit College of Law (DCL) or any other Law Library andask a librarian to help you find that information. If it has been decided, you must choose a second articlethat discusses that decision.I. Choose your articles carefully; make sure that they are from reputable sources; if in doubt, ask yourinstructor about a source. Skim read an article before you decide to write about it. If you choose anarticle that is too difficult to understand, lacks depth, or is poorly written, it will be difficult for you to writea clear and accurate paper. As a result, you will lose points on the content of your review.J. You must use TWO ‘in-depth” articles. Ask for my review and approval if you are unsure whether anarticle meets this criterion. If you find a good article that is not from an approved source or it is short, youmay use it in addition to your two “in-depth” articles.K. THE BUFFALO CREEK DISASTER must be used and cited.L. The course supplement (e-book) may be used as a source, but be sure to cite it correctly.M. Other sources to answer the definitional questions should be cited.N. Do not use Wikipedia.O. Use of additional types of sources such as information from an organization’s website or passage from abook is optional.OrganizationA. Write a short essay paper that complies with the word count requirements of the assignment.B. In the introductory paragraph(s) introduce the topic or issue covered in the news articles of your choice.Tell your audience why the topic is important to a businessperson, someone studying business law, orsociety at large. Also, in narrative form, summarize what will be covered in the remainder of your paper.This should be the last paragraph of your introduction.C. In the middle paragraphs, provide a brief history of the legal topic’s development and its effects onbusiness, explain its relevance to our course study, evaluate its appropriateness in today’s businesslegal environment and ethics, and summarize the information you learned about the topic you chose.Further, answer questions one through five. However, DO NOT state “the answer to question one is …”and so on. Make sure that your paper flows well and is not a bulleted list of answers to the questions.D. In the last paragraph, conclude and briefly summarize your main points of your paper. Tell why it isimportant for you and your audience to become knowledgeable about the discussed topic. Explain whatelse you would research or want to learn if you had more time to study the topic further.E. The title and reference pages should not be part of the word count or the required number of pages.F. Draft your paper by following the APA format requirements with the utilization of the various types ofheading, subheadings, etc. Similarly, for references and citations, use APA styling.G. The quality of your paper would be assessed and graded based on the rubric titled Written AssignmentFeedback Form provided as part of the course materials.H. Two sided printing is preferred, but not required.I. Please review the provided Written Assignment Feedback Form for guidance.FormatA. Cover/Title Pageo Your own title for the paper, centered, approximately one third of the way down the pageo Course number, title, and section numbero Name of Academic Institution – Michigan State Universityo The author’s name (first name, last name) and ID number (if applicable, Learning Team code andthe names of all members)o The date of the assignment’s submissionPage 3 of 5GBL323r1B.C.D.E.F.o The instructor’s and TA’s nameso Word CountLengtho Minimum: 2,200 wordso Maximum: 2,800 wordso Target: 2,500 wordso Important note about word count:Footnotes, reference page and cover page do not count in word count.Your instructor reserves the right to ask you to e-mail your paper to him, so that he can checkthe word count before returning the paper.Reference Pageo List all sources in accordance to the APA format – See instructor for details if you have anyquestionsAll citations should meet the APA format requirements – See instructor for details if you have anyquestionso Citations must be used for any statistic or direct quote. Citations should probably be used for anindirect quote that is specific to that topic; use appropriate discretion.o You will lose points for each statistic or direct quote without a corresponding citation. See WrittenAssignment Feedback Form.Additional Guidanceo Type your paper with the following guidelines:Use 1.5 or double line-spacingStandard margins: 1 inch on top, bottom, and both sides.12 point Times New Roman fonto You must turn in all your articles used with your paper.Put your paper and your sources in a large envelope with your name on the outside along withthe date and time it was submitted.Number each page of your paper.o Start numbering with the first page of text.o The cover page is NOT page one.ScoringA. The paper is worth 100 raw points out of 1000 total possible raw points or 10% of your overall finalgrade.o The paper will be graded based on a 100-point scale and the points are distributed as follows:Content/Development: 50 points or 50%•Subject Matter: 30 points or 30%oSee Written Assignment Feedback Form•Page 4 of 5Higher Order Thinking: 20 points or 20%oSee instructions above and the syllabus for intellectual criteriaoThe terms “in-depth” and “complete” are relative concepts. On a short paper like this, itis imperative that you include the most relevant materials you have found. Beselective.oYou will lose points on content if your articles are not relevant or fail to providesufficient detail to enable you to discuss the topic clearly and in sufficient detail.oSee Written Assignment Feedback FormOrganization: 20 points or 20%GBL323r1•See instructions above and the syllabus for organizational criteria• See Written Assignment Feedback FormStyle/Mechanics: 30 points or 30%•Format: 10 points or 10%•Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling: 10 points or 10%•Readability/Style: 10 points or 10%oSee instructions above and the syllabus for style and mechanicsoSee Written Assignment Feedback FormB. Failure to comply with the format requirements will result in multiple-points deductions.C. Failure to submit the paper on time will result in multiple-points deductions. Please review the relativesection in the syllabus for more information.D. Important note:o If you do not hand your paper to your instructor when due, you must turn it in to a secretary or officeemployee in GBL or Finance department in 315 Eppley Center. If you do so, write the time and dateon it and ask the person accepting it to initial that information and place it in your instructor’s mailbox.o Reasonable extensions without penalty may be granted at your instructor’s discretion if you meet thecriteria as defined by MSU final examination policy.ASSESSMENT CRITERIAYou will be graded on the degree to which you meet the assignment’s criteria provided above and in thesyllabus. Grammar, spelling, and style count in the grade of the paper. All papers will be graded based onsubject matter, higher order thinking, organization, and style and mechanics. The Written AssignmentFeedback Form is used for learning team feedback and grading. Your individual grade on the assignment willbe calculated based on the formula provided in the Peer Evaluation Form.IMPORTANT NOTE: The Written Assignment Feedback Form and the Authentication Form provided as anaddendum to your syllabus must be attached at the end of your review paper. Each student must also submita completed Peer Evaluation Form as part of the written assignment. Failure to provide any of theseforms will result in a 10-point reduction of your paper’s total earned points.Page 5 of 5GBL323r1