Cultural Diversity


Cultural Diversity for the Criminal Justice Professional – 2


Week 11: Week Eleven – Individual Work


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Instructional Objectives for this activity:
Assess the relevance of community policing towards all multicultural communities.
Describe the relationship of race, class, and gender and its effect on health and mental care delivery in the United States. What steps could be taken to guarantee that all have the same access to the appropriate health care? Should funds be made available through the federal and local government?

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View the chapter presentation titled, “Community Policing and Multicultural Response Strategies for Gangs, the Homeless, and the Mentally Ill. ”

Another growing situation in our communities is the interaction with the homeless and mentally ill and the challenges they pose to law enforcement and its peacekeeping efforts. The proper procedures by law enforcement in dealing with both groups will be discussed and strategies to mitigate the homelessness problem in multicultural communities.

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