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Compose a 1500 words essay on Singapore Airlines Organizational Structure/Behavior. Needs to be plagiarism free!Two of the most important aspects that play crucial role in the process of achieving desired success in the present global business scenario are organizational structure and organizational culture. Today, most of the business houses have realized that the employee satisfaction along with customer satisfaction is the key to their long term success.Organizations give special attention in achieving the status of the ‘most desirable work place’ for the employees so that the productivity of each and every employee increases and ultimately the customers get high quality service. Singapore Airlines is one of such organizations that provide sufficient benefits to its employees with the purpose of improving their productivity. The organizational structure of the company supports any initiatives that are taken for the benefits of the employees. Even the mission statement of the company is focused on the aspects of employee benefits. Singapore Airlines which is one of the most reputed airline brands in the world started its journey in 1947. At the very beginning, it was known as Malayan Airways Limited. The company used to run three flights per week. Gradually the company has grown by acquiring more number of planes. In the year 1963, with the born of Federation of Malaysia, the company became Malaysian Airways and in 1966 its name changed to Malaysia-Singapore Airlines. Six years later the company was divided into two separate entities – Malaysian Airline System and Singapore Airlines. This separation gave the born of an advanced airline service provider i.e. Singapore Airlines. Today the company is the house of a unique fleet that includes B747s, DC-10s and B727s (Singapore Airlines, n.d.).