Cross-cultural factors that impact business communication

Referencing Styles : Harvard The instructor will form groups of 3-4 students. These groups will be given a topic from the list below within business communication in which to research and write a ‘formal-style’ report. Make sure your formal report has all the required elements. Groups will work collaboratively to create the report structure and final product. Each member of the group will be assigned a section of the report to write on their own. Additionally, each group member must write between 850-1000 word a piece as you will be graded on your individual contribution as well as the overall report structure and quality. • Globalisation and impact on developing countries • Communication breakdowns • Cross-cultural factors that impact business communication • Non-verbal communication and its importance • Multinational businesses and virtual teams • Conflict and communication • Gender communication in the workplace • Collaboration and the workplace • Business ethics .

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