Criteria for Marking

Criteria for Marking Satisfactory Unsatisfactory Draft/Outline Submission is presented as a draft mind map or draft written outline. Evidence of planning demonstrated. 1% No evidence of draft or plan in submission or no submission. 0% Clarity Local Government Area (LGA) chosen. Clear information about chosen Local Government Area (LGA) evident. Preliminary information present and clear. 1% No evidence of a choice of Local Government Area (LGA) or any information included. 0% Determinants of Health Two determinants of health chosen from provided list with preliminary links to chosen LGA. 1% No evidence of any determinants of health choices. 0% Formatting Submission follows all formatting instructions. Assessment is in Word document format. Set out in a clear and easy to read manner. 1% Submission has not followed formatting instructions; assessment is in incorrect format. Submission information is not clear to the reader. 0% Referencing Referencing plan included. Evidence of search strategies for locating relevant research included. 1% No evidence of a research plan or search strategies. 0% Total: 5% 0%
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