Creating Value Disc 3 IT strategi.

Message if(Any):- Creating Value Disc 3 IT strategic management policies and procedures are meant to ensure that critical systems stay current, reliable, secure, and that they perform as needed. But, oh, if it were only that simple. Within the large corporate enterprise, the road to structured IT management is littered with challenges and roadblocks. Organizations are increasingly dependent upon IT to sustain and improve the business. To meet these objectives, it is critical that IT delivers operational excellence by simultaneously demonstrating added value. Has the organization in which you work experienced challenges or roadblocks to the goal of maintaining critical systems? Why or why not? Are the issues usually economic, political, and security-related? Note: I have been getting a lot of points deducted for grammatical errors and the difficulty in reading the assignments based on the overall flow of the paper. I don’t need a fast turnaround, please take you time and provide a post graduate level paper. Thank you Proper citing and references needed with a solid intro and conclusion ……………………………………….. Attachments if(Any):-

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