create and design compensation and perk programs

In Chapter 12 you read how HR/Compensation professionals create and design compensation and perk programs for their executives. This is designed to attract the brightest minds and strongest leaders to the organization to provide a strategic competitive advantage. Chapter 13 discusses how HR/Compensation professionals create and design unique rewards systems for part-time employees and those processes where special needs for the organization must be met. Examples would be flexible schedules for working mothers and compressed work weeks for around-the–clock operations that result in lower operating costs for the organization. 

Given the multiple issues surrounding these specialized compensation practices, several topics arise, one of which is listed below. 

Discussion Board:

Address the topics below. In order to participate in a dialogue designed to explore the issues, be sure you respond to at least two of your colleague’s responses for each topic. Also, make sure you respond to any questions others may ask of you during this week. 

Discuss the pros and cons of executive compensation. Is executive compensation to U.S. CEO’s too excessive or appropriate? Your response should be substantial in that it covers the assigned chapters and additional case. Be sure to include depth and creativity. Explain your answer.

Book for Class

Strategic Compensation: A Human Resource Management Approach by Joseph J. Martocchio