create a winning employee value

You read that research has found that organizations that create a winning employee value proposition understand what employees really want from their experience with an organization. Creating a solid recruiting strategy allows the organization to then begin to win in the battle for those coveted employees that everyone desires. Understanding job analysis and how the concept ties directly with understanding the unique characteristics of each job with the firm provides those organizations with a competitive strategic advantage in the recruitment of highly prized candidates. The creation and execution of external and internal recruitment strategies leads to an overall improvement of the bench strength at each position within the firm. All of these HR functions are to be accomplished while complying with the myriad of legal requirements surrounding each of these activities. Several questions arise, four of which are listed below. In order to participate in a dialogue designed to explore the issues, be sure you respond to at least two of your colleague’s responses for each topic. Also, make sure you respond to any questions others may ask of you during this week.

Discuss non-traditional inducements organizations are using on how this strategy affects the organization and type of applicant pool it attempts to draw. In addition, discuss the necessary parts in the communication for an internal versus external communication message for recruitment.