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NIT5150 – Advanced Object Oriented Programming Victoria University 1 Assignment 2 – Practical Assessment Due date: Refer to Assignment Submission Box on VU Collaborate Weighting: 30% of final grade Coverage: This assessment item is based on course content in weeks 5- 11 Scenario Association for Computing Machinery – ACM ( sponsors more than 170 computing conferences, workshops, and symposia around the world. These events, which mirror the state-of-the-art in their respective fields, attract renowned experts from a broad range of computing disciplines. As a part of their operation, they need to organize annually conferences for researcher and industry practitioners to meet, present about their work in 2018. You are appointed as an analyst programmer to develop a system to support the conference organization of ACM. Your task is to investigate the operation of ACM and identify potential future events or conferences through the provided link or any other resources available online. You will design and develop a conference management system for ACM that allows conference organizers to manage the events and registrations. The system should store conference/event details, organizers details for each conference, attendee details and their event registration. Model Design Requirements You are going to design a model to store data for your application with the following specification: ï‚· You have freedom to design your own data architecture and properties for the classes, however it should reflect your understanding about complex entity relationships, including one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many, and inheritance. ï‚· The application should store information for every classes and relationship. Inheritance should be used to model classes with similar property. For example, human being classes should have common properties are ID, Name, Contact details (email, phone, address, etc…). Besides, each unique class should also have its own properties. You should provide justification in your report on the proposed classes, properties and their relationship are necessary. ï‚· Appropriate data annotation and input validation should be provided in the model classes. You should customize your own error message, NOT to use the default error message provided by the template.NIT5150 – Advanced Object Oriented Programming Victoria University 2 Sample documentation is provided in SampleDocument.pdf file (VU collaborate) to help you with better understanding about how the application should be implemented. But you must NOT follow the provided sample as it is not suitable specifically for the case in this assignment. Application Specific Requirements ï‚· You are required to select a club or society and then design and develop an ASP.NET MVC application. ï‚· Home page shows assignment name, student full name student id and location. A page for contact detail of developer is provided. Logo of the organization is shown on every page and linked to appropriate website. ï‚· The Model Architecture is developed appropriately and reflects understanding of complex entity relationship. ï‚· The database should be seeded with at least 3 records for each class using database initializer. So, when the application is deployed, there will always be 3 records shown for every class. ï‚· All pages should have logo and navigation menu. If user clicks on the logo, they will be directed to a representative official page of the selected organization. ï‚· You should present your web page professionally using your own design, NOT the same as in the sample document. ï‚· Appropriate user interaction and navigation should be considered for your application. ï‚· You application should be ready to run without any further configuration. Documentation Requirements You are required to prepare a project documentation using Microsoft word. In this documentation should include: ï‚· Background: Information about the organization and target user analysis must be provided. What are the functional requirement and user cases of the proposed system? What are the benefits of the system to the targeted organization/users? You should use your own writing for this part. Copy and paste information from website will not be awarded marks. ï‚· Data base design: Class Diagram showing classes, properties and relationship. Justification must be provided to explain why or how the proposed architecture is suitable for the case study. ï‚· User manual: you should take screenshot and describe how user can navigate through your application, view records as well as performing admin functionality (create, edit, delete, assign etc.). ï‚· Test instruction: to show and describe cases when user enter invalid information, how the application response with error message and instruction. Submission RequirementsNIT5150 – Advanced Object Oriented Programming Victoria University 3 You are required to submit two separate files into submission box on VU Collaborate: 1. A word document containing Assignment Cover Sheet (provided on VU Collaborate) with your name and student ID, together with the documentation as specified above. 2. The application project packed as a single zip file. (The document and the project should be submitted separately. Do not zip the document) Assessment Criteria Your assignment will be marked based on the functionalities, the representation of the interface and the quality of the documentation.NIT5150 – Advanced Object Oriented Programming Victoria University 4

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