coursework assignment

The coursework assignment for CC3101 involves researching into an area of cyber security, the areaof focus for this assignment is what circumstances or vulnerabilities allowed a ransomware attackto take place.The focus of the assignment will be the Ransomware attack on Travelex in 2020.Your report must be around than 1500 words.References are not included in the word count. You must reference your work using the HarvardReferencing System, there should be at least one reference per paragraph and the work must beoriginal and your own work. Please be aware of the university’s policy on plagiarism.IntroductionWrite a short introduction no more than 50-100 words.Your introduction should cover:• A brief overview of the ransomware attack, this should include the name of the company,what and when it happened.• You should explain what you are going to write about in your report, so this should be avery short summary of all the sections in your repor