Coursework 1 Assessment Word c.

Coursework 1 Assessment Word count: 500 words Task 1A Write a 500 word summary of this paper. • S. Voulgaris et al, “A robust and scalable Peer-to-Peer gossiping protocol” All the articles can be downloaded in pdf format from the assessment page in blackboard. They can also be found easily on the Web. Submit your 500 word summary of the paper onto your groups wiki via Blackboard by the stated deadline of 28th October. Please ensure that you have put your name and student number in the title of your contribution to the wiki. Coursework 1 Assessment Criteria The aim of this deliverable is twofold: Firstly to assess your understanding of the module’s introductory part so far and secondly to provide you with early feedback regarding your progress in the module. Your summary for Task 1a is worth 70 marks will be assessed on the following criteria: a) Accuracy 50%, i.e. does it incorporate all the article’s major points? b) Structure 20%, i.e. does it have clear sections, read well & flow logically? c) Brevity 10%, i.e. is it within the 500 word limit? d) Critique 20%, i.e. is the critique balanced, unbiased and fully identifies the weaknesses/presumptions of the article? WARNING Your summary must be written in your own words. Do not copy fully or partially the article’s abstract. Any summary that is found to be mainly reusing the article’s sentences will be penalised and it can be given a mark of 0. Copying sentences, paragraphs, sections word by word or diagrams and pictures from documents which belong to other people including your classmates is called plagiarism. Every document deemed to contain copied material will incur severe penalties in marking. It can be given a total mark of 0. To avoid this you must write the ideas you found in other documents in your own words. If in doubt as to what constitutes plagiarism please read the guidelines on the University of Derby website and Blackboard. Assessment Presentation When marking this assignment the academics will also be looking for the following criteria: • Clear legible presentation. • Good use of spelling, grammar and language throughout. • Appropriate focus, meeting learning outcomes/assignment criteria. • Logical progression and structure of arguments. • (Normally) an introduction, a well-developed discussion and a conclusion summarising the work. • The introduction will include an exploration of the focus of the assignment and discuss the way the assignment has been approached. • Evidence of a range of relevant supporting reading. • Use of accurate, evidence based information to support the arguments made. • Follow normal Academic Regulations in terms of Academic Offences, style and language. • Use the Harvard system of referencing and may include a bibliography that lists all resources referenced. • A declaration statement which says you have checked your Turnitin originality report and certain that the work is your own (and has never been submitted for marking before by you, or anyone else) • Maintain the confidentiality of clients/customers and persons associated with them, colleagues and organisations

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