Could Mr Smith’s culture influence his pain assessment?

Referencing Styles : APA 1 Could Mr Smith’s culture influence his pain assessment? Why? What strategies could you employ to ensure that you are adequately addressing Mr Smith’s pain? 2 Consider Mr Smith’s social and medical history. a. Reflect on any judgements and prejudices that you may have when caring for Mr Smith. b. Review the following professional Australian nursing standards: Code of Ethics for Nurses Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses EN Competency Standards Outline the standards / codes that relate to non-judgemental nursing care in this situation. 3. Compile a list of questions you would ask Mr Smith as part of an holistic health assessment. These questions should be framed to enable collection of information on: a. physical health status including pain assessment b. mental and emotional status c. social and cultural issues 4. Mr Smith asks you about planning for his future. He states that he does not want to be resuscitated. Provide Mr Smith with a brief description (with APA referencing) of the following and apply it to this scenario: a. Advanced Health Directive b. Enduring Power of Attorney c. Organ Donation 5: Suggest alternative strategies (complimentary therapies) other than pharmaceutical pain management that could help Mr. Smith’s pain. 6.List appropriate referrals for Mr Smith to other members of the multi-disciplinary team. Provide a rationale and a description of the service for each referral. 7: What support / referral could be offered to Mr Smith’s family? 8. Outline the pathophysiology of the following conditions ensuring you relate back to Mr Smith and his clinical presentation. Include within your answer the possible management strategies and rationale for these symptoms: a. Anorexia b. Ascites c. Dyspnoea d. Hiccups Note: Pathophysiology is not signs and symptoms. Pathophysiology explains the processes within the body that result in the signs and symptoms of a disease. 9. Consider Mr Smith’s deterioration. What data provided about Mr Smith’s condition on 06/02/2013 would assist in determining if Mr Smith is at end of life? .

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