Cost Leadership strategy and differentiation strategy * Blue Ocean Strategy

Referencing Styles : Harvard Assessment 2. Boss Reflective Journal This assignment is about blue ocean simulation game reflective journal with 2 parts . For Part A, it needs to write base on Red round and Blue round 1, 2, 3 reports ( I can upload all those required reports year by year) and for part B, it needs to apply with Theories and Competitive strategy. It requires to include theoretical approaches to building and sustaining competitive strategies such as * Michael Porter’s 5 force * Michael Porter’s Competitive advantages * Cost Leadership strategy and differentiation strategy * Blue Ocean Strategy ( for part B it requires to have at least 10 peer-reviewed academic articles)How would you characterise the energy beverage category, competitors, consumers, channels, and DPSG’s category participation in late 2007? 2. Does your characterisation bode well for a new energy beverage brand introduction generally and for Dr Pepper Snapple Group, in particular? 3. What target consumer market should be chosen for a new energy beverage brand? 4. What product should be introduced and how should it be positioned/differentiated? 5. Through which channel(s) should a new energy beverage brand be distributed? 6. What dollar amount for media advertising and promotion should be budgeted for a new energy beverage brand? 7. What suggested retail price should be recommended for a new energy beverage brand? 8. What is a reasonable first-year sales forecast for a new energy beverage brand based on your recommended target market and marketing mix? 9. Prepare a pro-forma income statement based on your sales forecast and marketing expenditures? Practice Case 2: Discussion Week 4 – Seminar 7 – Mary Kay India: The Hair Care Product Line Opportunity- Kerin & Peterson page 163 Case Questions: 1. How would you characterise the branded and packaged Indian hair care category in 2010? 2. How would you assess the “fit” of a hair care product line with Mary Kay’s offering in India? 3. What is the market potential for a hair care line marketed by Mary Kay India? 4. At what dollar sales volume will the Mary Kay India hair care line be profitable? .

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