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Final Assessment Information
Daniel Nguyen
Course Coordinator
Week 12
∗ ∗ ∗ The final assessment for this course will be conducted as a timed
online assessment task
, instead of an invigilated exam ∗ ∗ ∗
When will the task be available?
This assessment task will be available for you to undertake during an 8-day window from
9AM 14th to 9AM 22nd June 2022.
Where will I find my task?
The link for your assessment task will be located under the Assessment Task 3: Final
Examination, in the Assessment Information section of your Moodle shell
. You will see
this appear in your Moodle shell before the exam period.
Will this task be timed?
Yes. Once you start the assessment, you will have 3 hours and 40 minutes (220
to complete and submit your task. Once you start your assessment task you must
finish it within this timeframe. This timeframe is longer than a normal exam in order to give
you plenty of time to upload your completed assessments.
The final assessment is worth 100 marks. You are required to complete 5
Study Advice for the final assessment:
• Ideally, you should understand the context or theory and then work through all the tute questions. This
will give you a good understanding of the course and prepare you well for the final assessment.
• Generally, the final assessment questions are along the lines of the tute work. In many cases, they can
be longer or shorter than the tute questions, depending on the allocated marks.
If you review lecture materials + attempt the tute works + follow instruction videos + practice with
excel spreadsheets in Moodle + complete the required reading, you will do well in this final
• You must use the provided excel spreadsheet to work on the final assessment questions. It is important
practice the tutorial questions with excel spreadsheet. The Sample final assessment is a good
starting point. (Refer to the Sample final assessment below).
The final assessment mainly covers knowledge and skills pertaining to Topics 5, 6, 7, 8 , 9, 10, 11.
• While questions from Chapters 1-4 are not on the assessment, the concepts from these chapters remain
• Many topics are inter-linked.
All Federation University Australia rules apply to the
alternative online assessment task: penalties can be
applied for late submissions and for breaches of
academic integrity inclusive of collusion and/or
Plagiarism is strictly treated. Your
submitted answers will probably be checked
for similarity.
Instruction to complete the Final Assessment
Time to complete: 3 hours and 40 minutes (220 minutes). Your time will
begin once you start this assessment.
To start the assessment:
• Click on the Attempt quiz now button below.
• Once you enter the assessment, scroll down to Question 1.
• Click on the sentence
CLICK HERE to download the Assessment
next to Question 1. This will download a Word document on which
you will answer the questions for your assessment.
• Click on the sentence
CLICK HERE to download the Assessment
next to Question 1. This will download an excel spreadsheet which
contains some accounting information for calculation questions from the
Assessment document (the Word document). You are required to prepare your
answers to the calculation questions in excel and then copy and paste the
answers into the Assessment document to officially finalize your answers.
Please note that you will be assessed with your answers in both the
Assessment document and the excel spreadsheet. Upload both documents
when you finish.
Instruction to complete the Final Assessment
During the assessment:
• To add your answers to the assessment word document you will
find a box under each question where it asks you to
Click or
tap here to enter text.
Click on this box and begin typing.
• You can leave Moodle at any time once you have downloaded
your assessment,
HOWEVER the clock will continue to count
down (closing down your internet browser will save you bandwidth
issues if your internet is not always reliable).
• If you leave Moodle at any time, you
MUST return to the
assessment area and click on
Continue the last attempt before
the time runs out to upload your completed assessment
Instruction to complete the Final
Assessment (continued.)
To complete the assessment:
• Save the documents to your desktop
• Return to the Moodle assessment area and click on Continue the
last attempt
button to return to the assessment.
• Scroll down to
Question 1, and click on the paper icon and
follow the prompts to find and upload your completed
assessments (the word document and the excel spreadsheet).
• Click
Finish attempt and follow the final prompts to submit your
What if…
If you are unable to upload your completed assessment
document before your time runs out,
please email your lecturer
with your assessment document attached and a clear explanation as
to why you were late. Your lecturer will contact you to discuss.
If you experience technical issues during your
please don’t panic. Email your lecturer explaining
the issue
. It would be good to provide a screenshot with your
. The lecturer will get in contact with you as soon as possible to
discuss how to proceed. With a reasonable and verifiable evidence,
you will be allowed by your lecturer up to 24 hours depending on the
difficulty of the issue.
If you cannot attempt the final assessment within the exam
you have to apply for special consideration to sit a deferred
assessment with a reasonable evidence, such as a medical letter.
Please refer to the special consideration guidelines specified in
the course description document
SAMPLE Final Assessment
• The Sample assessment facility is available for your attempt in
Moodle. Please experience the sample facility before you start
your final assessment attempt.
• The Sample Final Assessment documents of the course are
located under Assessment Task 3 of the Assessment
Information in the Moodle shell of BUACC 5933
• You are strongly encouraged to practice the sample questions on
your own before comparing them with the suggested answers.
• Please note that the sample assessment is designed to give you
an idea about the format of the final assessment, NOT about the
exact content of the final assessment questions
. Please refer to
the Study Advice
for the final assessment presented above.
Please read ALL of the instructions in
Moodle and in the Assessment document
carefully before you commence!!!
Feel free to contact me to discuss any
issue: [email protected]
Good Luck!