Correct essay format







How to Format Your Text (FORM):

Correct grammarspellingvocabulary, and punctuation.

Correct length of essay (between 1350 to 1650 words).

Correct length of paragraphs (between 135 to 165 words).

Correct essay format according to the assigned format guidelines, using correct 7th edition APA  form.


The essay 

is an Advocacy Essay 

raises a problematic issue (research question).

includes the discourse (the different sides of the debate), both in the introduction, but also in the counter argument and rebuttal argument.

takes a clear position in a debate and does not argue for all sides of the debate (Thesis Statement).

uses relevant theories/concepts to support the argument.

uses relevant empirical evidence from academic literature, NGOs, etc. 

builds a case via the paragraphs in a clear, logical, and convincing manner.

uses at least five sources of academic literature from peer-reviewed journals and books.

How to write and submit (PROCESS):

Complete and correct ‘introduction’ paragraph according to the checklist.

Thesis statement’of adequate character (as related to a critical issue and position in an appropriate academic argument) and place at the end of the introduction as one sentence.

Body paragraphs’, each with its own ‘topic sentence’ first, ‘logical connectors’, unity on one topic, and adequate development (OPINION, FACTS, INTERPRETATION).

Quotes and paraphrases’ for every paragraph, with correct ‘citation’ (ie, short reference) and corresponding ‘full reference’ on the works cited list.

Complete and correct ‘counter argument’ paragraph according to checklist.

Complete and correct ‘rebuttal argument’ paragraph according to checklist.

Complete and correct ‘conclusion’ according to the checklist.

Complete ‘reference / works cited list’, using correct 7th edition APA  form.