Corporate Social Responsibility Assessment

Subject Code: GB590
Subject Name: Corporate Social Responsibility Assessment Title: Assessment 3 – Case Study Report Weighting: 45%
Total Marks: Length:
Due Date:
2,500 words
via Turnitin, Sunday February 5th 2017 at 11.55 pm AEDT
Assessment Description
In 2,500 words, research one company that claims implementation of ecologically sustainable policies and actions. You may use the organisation that you used in Assessment 2 (Group Presentation) or you may choose another.
Your report should be structured as follows;
Note, you do not need to write a table of contents, an introduction or conclusion but you do need a reference list at the end.
Part 1 (30 marks | word limit: 700)
Using the example of the chosen company, assess the 3 Corporate Social Responsibility factors that influence corporate activities of your chosen company in the area of ecological sustainability. They are: economic, ethical and discretionary (week 3 reading)
Part 2 (40 marks | word limit: 1,100)
Based on Readings (Weeks 1 to 10), design a sustainability plan for that company (for example you can focus on clean technology, sustainability vision, pollution prevention, product stewardship, etc). While creating the plan remember to include aims, objectives, strategies, tactics and evaluation. If the company already has a clear sustainability portfolio, analyse it according to the above criteria and suggest possible improvements for each.
Part 3 (30 marks | word limit: 700)
Examine the possible advantages and difficulties in integrating your sustainability portfolio into the company’s s