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Corporate Finance Provide financial and business performance information Assessment Part A – Written Report Part B – Presentation Assessment Description- By completing this assessment the learner will gather evidence of the knowledge and skills necessary to analyse and report on a broad range of financial and business performance information – encompassing assessing clients’ needs, analyzing data and preparing advice. Assessment Tasks 1. Written Report – Written report consists of the following assessment methods: – Case study – Problem solving 2. Presentation – Presentation consists of the following assessment methods: – Demonstration/observation – Problem solving – Role play – Evaluating Part A – Written Report You are the CFO of Ethical Trading Group Pty Ltd, working closely with the Financial Controller. The Managing Director has asked you to analyse their financial data and prepare some specific advice for the company, providing a realistic view of the business financial performance and compliance, assessing the financial potential of the business and identifying other important aspects that require attention, such as future funding requirements, risk and taxation issues. The written report, along with a 5 minute presentation will be submitted at the next management meeting. The analysis and advice is to be formulated into a written report and is to be split into two parts (see below). Please access the Case Study Information for Students, Ethical Trading Group Employee Guidance Materials, Ethical Trading Group Policies and Procedures and Ethical Trading Group Accounting Data which you will need for this assessment. These files are also available in the Ethical Trading Group folder in the Additional Resources for this course. Part 1- A. You are to calculate the following groups of ratios for 2013 and 2014 and present them in an appropriate table in an Appendix to your report: a. Liquidity b. Activity c. Profitability d. Leverage B. Based on the ratios calculated above you are to advise on the profitability, efficiency and financial stability of the company. In advising the company, ensure that you evaluate and provide options on the following: • Whether the profit is adequate • How efficiently the assets are being used to generate sales • What the reports indicate about the operational efficiency of the business • Whether there are any short-term financial problems faced by the business • The extent to which debt funds are used in the business Part 2- Ethical Trading Group would also like analysis and advice on the following specific issues. In providing your advice, you must ensure that the analysis is consistent with the company’s business objectives: a. The financial performance, potential and viability of the business and its statutory obligations b. Three major business risks faced by the company and the risk management options relating to these risks, including rights and responsibilities. c. Future cash flows and budgetary control d. Future funding requirements/future sources of funds e. Business compliance and obligations, including those under: i. Corporations Law and Consumer Law (identify and briefly explain 3 compliance and obligation areas under each piece of legislation) ii. Tax legislations, identifying significant tax issues of client (identify and briefly explain 4 significant tax issues) Part B – Presentation Instructions: You are now to present a snapshot of your written report at the management meeting of Ethical Trading Group Pty Ltd using PowerPoint. The presentation will need to be recorded as audio or video recording and must be approximately 5 minutes in length. Please also provide your presentation as a PowerPoint file. Please access the Case Study PowerPoint Template to help you complete this assessment. This file is also available in the Ethical Trading Group folder in the Additional Resources for this course. The audience for your presentation can be drawn from colleagues, family or friends and will comprise of two people. To participate in the presentation they must also complete the consent form located in Appendix A. You will be interacting with the audience for this presentation, so they will be working from ‘Briefing notes’ (see Appendix B). Each of the audience members must ask the questions that have been allocated to them in (i.e. those for Participant 1 or Participant 2). When you have finished your audio or video recording, you will need to upload your file to OpenSpace. Click on the ‘Support’ tab – then ‘Assessment’ and instruction on how to do this are within the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’. Having concluded your presentation you are to ask both participants, ‘Do you have any questions?’ which will prompt the participants to ask the questions which are provided in Appendix B. So before you commence your presentation, review the requirements of the assessment and the ‘Briefing Notes’ (in Appendix B) to ensure you will have the appropriate information to provide in your verbal responses. After the presentation the participants must also complete Appendix C – providing feedback on how you delivered the presentation. The responses you provide to the participants’ questions in the briefing notes must be completed and submitted as part of the assessment evidence for this activity.

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