Contractors final invoice

Which of the following conditions needs to be completed before the Contractors final invoice is a approved for payment?


Answer Choice:


Complete the Closeout checklist

Terminate COR duties

Enter evaluation into CPARS

Accept the final supplies or services



Which of the following task is not part of the physical contraction completion?


Answer choices


Receiving final deliverable

Ensure all option provisions if any have expied

Filling the signed contracted completion statement

Performing final acceptance



The COR Managing a janitorial service contract at their agency receives a call from the contract explaining that the Government facilities manager has been unavailable to meet them for a tour of the the facility which is required before the janitorial staff can begin their work. The COR approached the facilities manager to explain that his unavailability represent an

Answer choice:

Answer choice

Out -of-scope request

Unauthorized technical dutthe ies

Causes for contract termination

Interference with Contractor’s ability to fulfill contractual obligations


The Contractor calls to clarify a vague requirement in the SOW. The contractor’s interpretation of the requirement differs from the intent of the contract. However, production is 50% complete and any changes now will incur significant costs. What can the COR do?

Answer choice :

Request a cost analysis from the contractor to conform to government’s interpretation, and negotiate possible terms to bring to the CO

Adjust the wording of the contract requirements to better represent the contractor’s interpretation, since work has already begun and expenses incurred

Modify the contract requirements to accept the contractor’s interpretation and adjust the schedule to stay on budget

Provide technical clarification on the government intent and notify the co of discrepancies


5.The COR notices that the output recorded in the Contractor’s monthly report is 25% lower than required. They decide to call the contractor to investigate the cause . What type of communication is this?

Answer choice

The contractor’s lack of performance violates the terms and conditions of the contract. Therefore, any discussion or documentation is formal communication.

This is an informal discussion to identify and correct issues before they escalate into formal and leg ally binding corrective actions

The contracor’s lack of performance does not require any discussion or communication.