contractor for a sports plex facilcomity

hoose the correct answer for each of the following multiple choice questions.
(A1) Resource leveling ensures that resource demand will exceed resource availability:
I. True
II. Partly True
III. False
(A2) You are a maintenance contractor for a sports plex facilcomity. Your inventory costs for material resources would not include

I. Ordering and storage costs for materials
II. Obsolescence and deterioration costs for materials
III. Opportunity costs and insurance costs for materials
IV. Obsolescence and repair costs for excavation equipment
V. All of the above
(A3) In a precast panel manufacturing unit, the reorder level of raw materials will depend on:
I. Lead time
II. Whether the demand is deterministic or probabilistic
III. both (I) and (II)
(A4) Application of a schedule compression technique in a project schedule will effectively shorten the project duration only if the project scope is significantly reduced
I. True
II. False
(A5) Rider Jessie is a project manger in an airport expansion project. Rider’s procurement team decided that they should keep minimal or no inventories of certain materials, especially due to high reliability and availability of timely material supply. Moreover, the project division alerted that that bulk storage arrangement at site for such materials is not very good. Rider’s resource strategy should be :
I. Just in time (JIT)
II. Just in case (JIC)
(A6) If the critical ratio observation in your project status report refers to 0.79, then:
I. you should investigate immediately
II. you may ignore this now
III. you must report to the top management
IV. you can watch carefully and investigate accordingly
(A7) A machine foundation is planned to cost $100000. At one stage observation of this foundation work, the actual cost of work performed was $35000. The planned value and the earned value at that stage were worth $45000 and $40000 respectively. The cost variance at this stage is:
I. $65000
II. $60000
III. $5000
IV. $15000
V. None of the above
(A8) Your project is already delayed by some rework and changes. As a project manager, you have identified that availability of certain key resource is now limited or constrained, Your top priority for allocating that resource in your revised schedule should aim for:
I. Training site staff for quality control and waste minimization
II. Fast-tracking non-critical activities with alternative resources
MME80001 Resource Planning and Management – Mock-up trial for final assessment (S1 2017)
III. Attending critical activities and managing through float and alternatives
IV. Informing the top management and preparing for liquidated damages
(A9) GAMMABEE is a large contractor in the region. You are the project manager of main contractor (GAMMABEE) in a large infrastructure project. The management reserve available in your project can be deemed as:
I. A amount that is reserved in other project’s contingencies
II. An amount reserved for unforeseen works that are within the scope of your project
III. An amount of your project budget withheld for the management control purposes
IV. All of the above
V. None of the above
(A10) An earned value analysis found that the budgeted cost of work performed (BCWP) = $95000; budged cost of work scheduled (BCWS) = $98000; and actual cost of work performed (ACWP) = $92000. The project condition refers:
I. Behind schedule and over-budget
II. Behind schedule and under-budget
III. Ahead of schedule and over-budget
IV. Ahead of schedule and under-budget