continuing objectives of promoting awareness

(2) a full-page release for distribution to local news media. The releases will be sent from your public affairs office. The releases should serve the continuing objectives of promoting awareness of the contributions faculty make to the wider community, increasing positive attitudes about learning opportunities at your school, and recruiting quality students to your programs. Who: Happy Baby Toy Co., manufacturer of toys for infants and toddlers. Carlo Geppetto is president. What: Awarding a $350,000 grant to Dr. Benjamin Spot, a researcher and professor of child development at your college or university. The grant will fund Dr. Spot’s study of the response of infants to colors and designs. When: Yearlong award, effective on the last day of next month. Where: Presentation ceremonies to be held during a reception at the home of the president of your college or university next Sunday at 3 p.m. Why: Happy Baby Toy Co. supports continuing research into early childhood development. Significance: First time the company has given a grant to a college professor. Previous grants went to clinical psychologists. How: Dr. Spot will involve students in his Infant Psychology classes in research projects at local day-care centers and in private homes. Benefit: Grant will enable students to be involved in applied research. Research findings will lead to better baby toys. Background: Happy Baby is a 20-year-old toy company that seeks to apply current research into child development. Last year it introduced a new product line based on clinical research showing that babies are attracted more to brightly colored stripes than to solid colors. The company is headquartered in Ames, Iowa. Quote: Happy Baby is proud to be associated with behavioral scientists like Dr. Spot, who are working diligently to find new ways to stimulate young minds. And we are equally pleased that students will be involved in this important research. With the help of Dr. Spot and his students, Happy Baby will continue to provide quality infant toys. Carlo Geppetto