context of strategic management and leadership

Business Project: Element 1, Individual Assignment, 100%
Module Leader: Dr. Selwyn Seymour
Key Details and Requirements
Submission Week 13: Friday 30 September 2022, no later than 16:30
Submission deadline: Friday 10 February 2023, no later than 16:30
Learning Outcomes:
1. Critically evaluate the principles of research in the social sciences and the
specialist area within the context of strategic management and leadership.
2. Critique research questions in relation to the students’ chosen area and to
design an appropriate research plan accordingly.
3. Critically evaluate relevant literature in the specialist area.
4. Evaluate, select and apply appropriate qualitative and/or quantitative data
collection, presentation and analysis to their chosen area of research ensuring
that evidence gathered, its analysis and conclusions drawn are valid and
5. Construct an original piece of research of their own design and demonstrate
independent research, presentation skills and reflect on personal development.
Assessment details: Element 1, Individual Assignment, 12,000 words +/- 10%,
Referencing: Students are expected to use Harvard Referencing throughout their
assignments where required. Please follow the
Harvard Referencing Handbook for all
your assignments at the ULBS.
Submission Method: Turnitin – Your work needs to be put through Turnitin. All
submissions will be electronically checked for plagiarism.
You have the option to upload your work ahead of the deadline, ULBS will be
reviewing your last submission only.
Turnitin cannot be used for late submissions. In such a case, you should send your
work to
[email protected]
If you experience issues when uploading your work, please email it by the deadline to
[email protected]
Please note that you can deviate +- 10% from the word limit stated on each

Students may choose one of the following project approaches;
1. Business Plan: Create a business plan for either a new enterprise, or a completely
new business unit within an existing large company / organisation. The Business
Plan would not have to have been implemented, for students to be able to submit it.
2. Business Project: Create a project plan or take on an improvement activity for a large
company / organisation. The project plan would see the students utilise project
management framework and approaches, and would include analysis of a problem
or opportunity, providing a possible solution. The project does not need to have been
started, for students to be able to submit it.
3. White Paper: A self-selected topic, approved by ULBS, the student wishes to
explore in-depth and provide a thorough analysis of, addressing a contemporary
issue, proposing ways forward for a specified stakeholder.
Module Assessment Criteria

Class Attributes Marks
Distinction Illustrates an excellent level of understanding of complex issues
in the subject. All requirements of the work are dealt with to a
high standard and the work is free from all but isolated minor
errors. The material is wholly relevant to the tasks.
Excellent analysis, synthesis and critical reflection with the ability
to tackle issues and questions not previously encountered.
Evidence of independent and original judgment in relation to the
resolution of the client’s needs and problems. Excellently
presented in terms of structure and professional style
Commendation Illustrates a very good understanding of the issues in the subject,
some of which are likely to be complex with some independent
critical thought appropriate to the tasks. Most of the requirements
of the work are covered with only a few gaps or minor and
inconsequential errors. The material is largely relevant to the tasks
and there is a good attempt at analysis, synthesis and critical
reflection with evidence of some ability to tackle issues not
previously encountered. The work is presented in a clear and well
organised manner with only minor spelling and grammatical
60 -69%


Pass The work displays good knowledge and understanding and its
relevance to the task. The submission exhibits clear analysis and
reasonable use of grammar, spelling and language. It may
contain errors and lack fluency. Limited evidence of the ability to
sustain a relevant argument or logical reasoning.
50 – 59%
Fail Exhibits an unsatisfactory grasp of the issues in the subject.
Primarily descriptive and lacking in independent critical thought
appropriate to the tasks. Weak or no attempt at analysis, synthesis
and critical reflection with little evidence of ability to tackle issues
not previously encountered. Poor spelling or other grammatical
0 – 49%