Contemporary Marketing

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Subject Title Contemporary Marketing
Subject Code MKT601
Lecturer / Tutor Dr Nicole Lasky
Dr Zahra Sadeghinejad (Lead Lecturer)
Semester October Semester, 2022
Assessment Title Individual Report
Learning Outcome/s a, b, c, d
Assessment type (group or
Weighting 45%
Word count 2,500 words ( excluding the table of contents, references and
Due date Written Report
Submission : Monday 21
st of November, 12 pm (midday)
Submission via Moodle (Turn-In)
Class submission Lecture Tutorial
Submission type Paper copy Turnitin
Format / Layout of Assessment
(details of what to include)
(cross the appropriate check
Marketing Report:
ICMS Cover Page
Title Page
Executive Summary
Table of Contents
Situation Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Target Market & Positioning
Marketing Mix Strategy
ICMS Cover Page
Reference List
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Oral Presentation:
Paper submission
PowerPoint submission
Reference List
Peer review (group presentation)
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Assessment instructions
(clear, succinct, without repetition)
The marketing report aims to sum everything up in a
practical and scientific format. Students will be asked to
choose a company (a product or service). It is suggested
that students do NOT choose successful multinationals such
as McDonald’s, Apple, Sony, Nike etc. Also do not base their
assignment on any supermarket i.e. Woolworths, Coles,
Tesco etc. They need to make sure to analyse the company
in one specific market.
Students are required to seek and receive lecturer approval
of their choice of company, product, or brand prior to
commencing the assignment.
The report must introduce the company (product/service),
perform a situational analysis, construct the SWOT framework,
and elaborate target market and positioning of the firm
followed by the outline of the marketing mix and marketing
strategy in a coherent and consistent way with a clear story
line which will lead to meaningful and practical
Readings for the assessment
(instructions where they can be
found e.g. MyAthens database,
Moodle etc.)
Students are highly recommended to read various academic
and reliable materials such as academic journal articles,
conference proceedings, book chapters, and market reports
to prepare their assignments.

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Specific to this assignment, students need to read the
relevant lecture materials. They should use the ICMS library
database (MyAthens database) and Google Scholar to find
the academic resources.
Selection of references from Wikipedia,, or
any unreliable sources will be treated very negatively. These
are not appropriate sources for your academic assignments.
For referencing style, you need to follow the style guide
document on the Moodle
Grading Criteria / Rubric The marking rubric is available on Moodle.
Peer Review Evaluation
(group work – optional)