contemporary issues

Referencing Styles : Harvard Task 1 involves writing a synopsis of an article or report on a selected topic area. It has been designed to target contemporary issues within the financial planning profession that are relevant to CFP 4. In order to complete this task successfully, you will need to conduct independent research on the selected topic. Task 2 is based on a number of case studies and the CFP 4 subject materials. You are required to answer five questions that have been designed to test your knowledge of investment strategies. In order to answer the questions successfully, you will need to consider the issues raised in the case studies and conduct your own research. A comprehensive list of resources can be found in the CFP Certification Program General Guidelines. It is expected that you will use current regulations and practice to inform your answers. You need to address all issues in this assignment within the word limit. To be able to write succinctly is an important skill for a financial planner. You must indicate the word length of your completed assignment. Assignments of excessive length will be penalised. A word count of up to 10% over the word limit will be accepted, but those assignments that fall outside of the acceptable range will have 10% of the total marks deducted. If your assignment significantly exceeds the word limit, it will only be assessed up to the 10% over the word limit

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