contactless support

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In this scenario, a group of medical and allied health practitiol services aged care clients are considering deployment of a col offer “contactless support” in the post pandemic situation. TV health workers in aged care facilities to monitor and care for 1 has engaged a software vendor and the building managemen committee to discuss a strategy.
Your group is a consultative committee having representative
(1) Health Service (2) Aged Care Facility (3) Software Vendor (4) Senior clientele champ.on (5) Union representative (health workers in aged care)

To complete this assessment task, your group members must roles. The potential solution is to assist senior care facility wo patient care assistants) to monitor residents of a facility using The technological infrastructure will combine a private cloud (worn by residents), so that health workers can collect vitals falls and assist residents in an emergency by connecting to en the future, the solution would also enable connected resident or be offered telehealth services by health professionals.