Consolidate student’s learning

8:08 400 e =21 36% Q
4. Consolidate student’s learning on the first half of the unit generally.
The unit learning outcomes assessed are: 1. UL01 – Identify legal issues in common business law scenarios, analyse and discuss the stakeholder’s legal rights and responsibilities. 2. ULO2 – Accurately articulate and explain the legal rights, duties and responsibilities of parties in a business context. 3. ULO3 – Research, apply and accurately reference the appropriate law from particular statutes and case law relevant to specified contexts. 4. ULO4 – Demonstrate a working knowledge of the law relating to contract issues by analysing problem scenarios and applying relevant legal principles to advise on likely possible legal outcomes; and 5. ULO5 – Clearly articulate individual interpretation of business law issues and application of relevant knowledge to others.
Scenario Anthony is very keen on off road driving and wants to purchase a Jeep. Looking through the for sale advertisements on Drive, Anthony notices that Peter has a Jeep for sale. Anthony contacts Peter and arranges to inspect the Jeep. On Tuesday afternoon Anthony and Peter meet at the off road testing course. Peter shows Anthony the