consistent performance of typical activities

GRADUATE INSTITUTE — CP Li s AL ACTIVITY PRACTIC The following task most be conducted in a safe environment where evidence gathered demonstrates consistent performance of typical activities experienced in the financial management field of work and include access to • Office equipment and resources • Samples of workplace documentation, including contractual and procurement policies • Financial data and documentation • Case studies and, where possible, real situations For this task you are to complete the following steps to demonstrate your ability to monitor manage financial resources over a full planning-cycle.
Prepare for the task by completing the following steps to forecast the future financial resource needs:
1. Establish the capacity of existing financial systems, and document this in a report 2. Forecast and document the data and business system requirements 3. Analyse the forecasted requirements. Provide the analysis 4. Prepare and plan a comprehensive financial plan of the budget forecasts over the full planning-cycle according to organisational and statutory requirements
5. Prepare, document and present your recommendations for budget expenditure or for modification of the existing projections
Analyse the current asset performance and capacity by performing the following steps: 6. Using standard accounting techniques, conduct a balance sheet analysis analyse the costs of assets and liabilities, and the returns from them, to identify the extent of debt and equity financing
7. In consultation with relevant organisational staff, establish and document the management responsibilities and legal requirements for reporting