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Referencing Styles : Open Part- A 1. Determine resource requirements Determine resource requirements in accordance with business and operational plans, and organisational requirements A. Consider Polytechnic West and the qualification you are studying. What resources can you identify that will be needed by you and provided by Polytechnic West for you to successfully complete your qualification? Provide opportunities to individuals and workgroups to contribute to the identification of resource requirements B. Consult with other students and the lecturer to identify additional resources that may be needed in order for you to complete your qualification. Compare your list of resources with others and amend your list if necessary. Ensure resource expenditure is realistic and makes efficient use of available budget resources C. Put your finalised list of resources in the below table. The lecturer will then provide the Polytechnic West budget allocation for each of the resources you have listed. Complete all columns shown in the Table and include references for all the prices and costs. Item Number Resource Quantity Required Price per unit Total Cost Estimate $ Budget allowance $ Comment References Present recommendations on resource requirements in the required format, style and structure using relevant business equipment and technology D. Create and present a PowerPoint presentation containing an explanation of what you have done, how you did it, who was involved and a summary of the resources needed including the budget or expenditure implications. Submit a brief written report of your presentation. The presentation length is 5 minutes. The presentation performance criteria is listed below: Part -B Forthispart,youwilluse PolytechnicWestas yourworkplace. Pleasedothefollowing: Acquireandallocateresources: A. Acquirephysicalresourcesandservicesin accordancewithorganisationalrequirements Fromthelistofresourcesyouidentifiedin PART A,choosethreeresourcesandobtainthree writtenquotesfromsuitablesuppliersforthesupplyofeachresourceitem.Summarisethedetails

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