Configure your Active Directory environment

Week 5 Assignment: Configure your Active Directory environment

Using the primary DC for your company, you will configure your Active Directory environment using some advanced features:

Part 1:

Pre-create and RODC account that can be used for deployment of a DC at a branch office

This can be done using either ADAC or PowerShell

Choose a configuration for the Password Replication policy on your RODC. Take a screenshot of your configuration and explain in detail the benefits and disadvantages of your choice.

Create a new site for a branch office at your company.

If your company doesn’t have a branch office, use this site as a backup site

Assign the site to a subnet. Take a screenshot of the subnet properties to show the assigned site.

Part 2:

In your own words explain what Universal Group Membership Caching means.

Would you recommend enabling this option anywhere in your organization? Why or why not?

In your own words describe each of the 5 FSMO roles. Include the following information for each:

What is the main function of this role?

Is it a domain or forest-wide role?

What are the best practices that should be considered when assigning this role to a server?

In your own words describe the difference between an authoritative and non-authoritative restore.

When should each restore mode be used?

What are the benefits and considerations that should be made when using each restore mode?