Conduct and describe appropriate statistical

ello Expert, The below mentioned headings need to be completed in the file that has been uploaded itself. 1) Data Analysis- Inferential statistics (200words)- Describe the inferential statistics that you plan to use to test your hypotheses. Conduct and describe appropriate statistical analysis of the data. 2) Hypothesis testing (ASSESSED): (100 words)- Draw appropriate conclusions regarding the hypothesis based on the inferential data analysis. 3) Discussion (ASSESSED): (700 words)- Convincingly and clearly discuss the implications of the results for practice and legitimacy theory. Explain legitimacy theory in reference to your assigned research question. 4) Limitations (ASSESSED): (100 words) Clearly identify the limitations of the study. 5) Further Research (ASSESSED): (100words) Identify opportunities for further research based on the findings, and limitations, of your study. 6) References: Minimum of 5 references. Essentially refer to the textbook Business Research Methods, 8e by Zikmund.

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