concepts of standing and ripeness

1- Discuss how the concepts of standing and ripeness affect the justiciability of a cause of action.
For a court to consider a case it must have jurisdiction, have a recognized statutory period, and be truly adversarial for which no previous decision has been given. Create and present a case in which these components are present and identify any variables that may impact the court’s decision to proceed.

"Statute of Limitations"
2- The Statute of Limitations sets forth the maximum time after an event that legal proceedings based on that event may be initiated. Explain the value in this limitation on obtaining relief and justify your opinion.
Articulate an instance, whether personal or researched, where the Statute of Limitations had expired and no further action could have been taken.

"Equitable Remedies"
3- Discuss the concept of courts of equity and two remedies that are available in a medical malpractice situation.
In the review case Tyler Chase Harper vs. Poway Unified School District referenced in the e-Activity above, Kozinski, the Circuit Judge dissenting writes: “I believe we must also address Harper’s claim that he is entitled to an injunction against the school’s harassment policy on grounds of substantial over breadth.” Interpret the injunction being used in this case and justify why it would be the appropriate choice.

Criminal Law"
4- Crimes are often classified into two major categories: mala se prohibitum (i.e., wrong [as or because] prohibited) and mala in se (i.e., wrong or evil in itself). Provide an example of each and explain why your chosen example fits the related category.
Battery is defined as touching another person without his or her consent. From the second e-Activity, discuss the court’s holding, and support or oppose the court’s position. Explain your answer.

"Family Relationship"
5- Determine what kind of legislation could slow the decline in marriage rates and draft a sample law that addresses this decline.
Discuss the pros and cons of alimony and evaluate if there should be a term limit for the receipt of alimony.

"Ending Spousal Relationships"
6- Identify and discuss four methods to end a spousal relationship. State the potential repercussions these methods could have on the community, employers, and financial situations.
The case Lehr v. Robertson from the e-Activity examines the state’s protections of parental rights with regard to an unmarried father’s inchoate relationship with a child whom he has never supported and rarely seen in the two years since her birth. Consider how you would support restoration of the father’s visitation privileges and provide an argument to do so.