ComputerTabulating Recording Company

Apply: Selecting a CompanyName of Company:IBM (International Business Machines Corp.)Industry:Information TechnologyBrief history of company:International Business Machines Corp., mostly known asIBM, was first founded in 1911. However, prior to 1924 the company was known as ComputerTabulating Recording Company, also known as CTR. IBM is most notably known for theirinventions such as the magnetic strip on cards, the ATM (Automated Teller Machine), UPCBarcode, SQL program language, DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory), Floppy disks andhard disk drives (HDD).From 2012 through 2017 consecutively, IBM has suffered catastrophic declines on theirrevenue. In the same timeframe IBM has seen their share prices fall from an average of 163 tohitting a low 137 (2015). IBM has made major cuts with their employee going from 430,000down to a low 350,000 in 2018) in an attempt to balance some of their losse