Comprehensive Learning Assignment

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CLA2 – Comprehensive Learning Assignment 2 — CLO 4, CLO 5, CLO 6, CLO 7, CLO 8
In a 4-6-page, APA-formatted written report, address the following issues: In regard to the hypothetical firm you previously referenced in your response to CLA1, describe the manner in which you would proceed if your product/service is quickly accepted by the local marketplace and you decide to market it globally in two very different countries.
Explain: 1. The anticipated varied acceptance of your product/service in the two targeted countries and 2. What changes you would make in the product/service if any, to accommodate the cultural differences. 3. Describe the best you can what differences would occur in your marketing by country so as to be more sensitive to cultural differences, if any, in the two (2) selected countries.
Cite four (4) peer-reviewed articles not including- your textbook.
View the Written Paper Grading Rubric [Tech Team Link Turnitin Rubric: COB – Written Paper Rubric]
Each CLA2 and presentation will become a part of the student’s digital portfolio. Upon completion of the program, the student’s digital portfolio will demonstrate the student’s mastery of the course and program learning objectives.
WEEK 7: Team Project, Feedback on Progress Feedback is a significant part of the success of a project. This week, you and your team will receive feedback from the professor on team progress. This may be in the form of written feedback or your professor may decide to develop a screen cast and verbally communicate his/her feedback to you in this form. Be sure to schedule some time to meet as a team immediately after you receive feedback from your professor to discuss how the feedback will be implemented within the project.
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8. Week 8
Assignments to complete this week: • Reading: Marketing (Kerin, et al.) o Review all chapters covered that will assist in the completion of assignments. • Post DQ Answers by Wednesday at 11:59pm • Post DQ Peel uy oaunuay St 11:59pm