comprehensive and detailed activity

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1Using the patient information system case study:

Create a comprehensive and detailed activity diagram with ten or more elements or nodes

Identify a set of use cases that illustrate the interactions between a doctor and the Mentcare system Identify use cases with at least 4 other user groups, such as receptionists, medical records staff, the Human Resources Department, Legal Department, Pharmacy, Safety, Finance Department, potentially the patient population, etc Create a comprehensive and detailed use case diagram containing at least five such actors

Compare and contrast the two different diagramming approaches and how the goals of each vary This short essay should be between 200 and 350 words

UML diagrams going forward should be developed using a UML diagramming tool such as Gliffy, Creately, etc Please print the file to a pdf format prior to turning it in You may also use drawing tools in MS Word, PowerPoint, or Visio However, if Visio is used, please print the file to a pdf format before turning it in

2 Select two of the following systems models Post an original thread of 300 to 450 words each in this week’s discussion forum which explains what it is, what it does and how it is used (20 points)

Context model

Interaction model

Structural model

Behavioral model

Be sure to proof and edit your work